Who we are :

As environmental problems have become crucial issues for more than 4 decades and they are now became the new paradigm of the world in 21st century.

ECOISM had been established since 2006 as a green company which aims to help protecting the environment by providing the eco-friendly graphic design and eco-friendly products for sustainable living.

What we do :

Our main purpose is to convince community to protect environment by offering the creative green services and state-of-the-art green products. And we also focus on becoming a knowledge provider who brings the aesthetic experiences, cultural experiences and eco-health care experiences to the customers via our services, our products, our showrooms and even our packages.

Vision :

ECOISM aims to be a country leading contributor of eco-friendly products and services with the creative design.

Mission :

To provide creative eco-friendly graphic design
To provide state-of-the-art eco-friendly products
To provide cultural knowledge and bring the eco-lifestyle experiences to the customers via our services, our products, our showrooms and our packages.

Our Team :

Boonlert Siripatvanich

Charoen Chumpookum

Uthit Atimana

Prassanee Sinpimolboon
General Manager

Xinyao Li
Media Translator

Siripa Kietsirianan
Head of Sale Department

Nawakachamon Kittiteerayan
Administrative Officer

Kanjana  Rairung
Product Designer

Prissana Sinpimolboon
Sale & Customer Service

Kittiyaporn Kongtaveeboon
Sale & Customer Service

Oamphan Thanawan
Production Staff

Monsri Thepwong
Production Staf

Ekarach Kerdrung
Production Staff